Your partner for:
oil-hydraulic systems, pneumatic control systems,
measurement technique/control engineering,
construction of electronic control cabinets


At the end of 1987, asfa Antriebssysteme was founded by Mr. Ferdinand Appelberg, a certified engineer, introducing himself as the exclusive and active owner of this new company. Asfa is essentially engaged in the field of fluid technology (hydraulics and pneumatics), automatization as well as in pressure- and temperature technics.

Asfa Antriebssysteme , resident at the same address as BOMAFA Armaturen, is well represented by a large number of customers not only on the home- but also on the international market. Our driving elements and motive power systems can be found in conventional power plants, chemical works and also in industrial power plants.

As our products are not manufactured in series- but in individual production, a corresponding price-list can - unfortunately - not be submitted. The design of our equipment is completely aligned with our customers`specifications.

Before leaving our works, all our components (e.g. hydraulic drive units, hydraulic- and pneumatic cylinders, steam testing units etc.) are subjected to an operational test (e.g.adjustment of floating times) that is effected with the help of our self-designed test stand.

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